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Hi there,


I’m Antje.


I’m the founder of Flow & Grow Family Yoga, a certified yoga teacher, and mother to one little person. I am so excited to be bringing my unique style of family yoga to the Fleurieu and Adelaide region!

I love teaching family yoga because it allows me to bring together the "three loves of my life": parenting, yoga, and teaching.

How did I get to this place?

I grew up in Germany and initially arrived in Adelaide in 2000 to study acting at Flinders University’s Drama Centre. This is  where I first encountered yoga as part of our movement training. At the time, I enjoyed it mainly because it offered a gentle way to develop physical strength and flexibility. Later on, while working as an actor, dramaturge and teacher for various companies and arts organisations, I came to appreciate yoga also for its meditative aspects. It's a great way to prepare the body and calm the mind before going on stage!

Yoga and meditation also helped me to keep my body healthy and my mind strong as I navigated the ups and downs of life while teaching at university and writing a doctoral thesis in theatre history, which I completed in 2013. My thesis looked at the life and work of East German female theatre practitioners, and I had the privilege to meet and interview close to thirty incredible women for my research.


Between 2013 and 2019, I lived in Berlin, Germany, where I worked as assistant manager at DAS Akademie, a language school in the heart of Berlin. I am forever grateful for all the business knowledge I gained during my time there.


In 2017, our beautiful son B was born. While on maternity leave, I discovered children’s yoga, which struck a chord with me because it allowed me to build on my theatre experience while bringing the joy and benefits of yoga to some of the youngest members of society. It also fitted in well with my other passion, empowering parents by teaching paediatric first aid for BilderKraft Berlin.


I trained as a children’s yoga teacher with Nicolai Romanowski at the Pädagogisches Forum für Yoga (Pedagogical Forum for Yoga) and in parent-child-yoga with Andrea Helten of Kinderyoga Berlin. Before returning to Australia, I taught at various kindergartens and the SOS Kinderdorf Berlin. In 2021, I completed my 300 hour Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher training with Heather Agnew of Yoga Trinity, and have been teaching 'grown ups only' yoga classes on top of my regular parent-child yoga workshops ever since.

I love learning and sharing knowledge. Above all, I love connecting with people - whether through the creative process of play rehearsals, discussions and interviews with academics and theatre practitioners, by helping people in fulfilling their dream of learning a foreign language, or by giving parents the tools to save their child's life in an emergency.


As Brené Brown says so eloquently, "Connection is why we're here."

And the most precious connection we have is the one with our children.


That is why I founded Flow & Grow Family Yoga in 2020: To help parents and children connect, with themselves and with each other, through the power of yoga.


I would feel honoured if you joined me on our journey through life and parenthood.


See you on the mat!





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